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Construction surveying

Surveying services for all types of constructions

We offer surveying services for all types of constructions, including services for residencial and office developments, industrial developments, road and railworks.

It is essential to stake out all necessary communications and utilities as well as structural elements that support the building with utmost percision and on time. We utilise modern hardware and software solutions to make this process as efficient as possible. 

We carry out construction and control surveys for various structures like roads, railroads and buildings, volume calculations and surveys for subsidence and structural movement. 

We locate, validate and inspect correct placement and installation of the structural elements that support the building as well as communications and utilities. 

We deliver all necessary documentation with stake out and as-built information for your project. 

For your BIM workflows we can provide digital reality deliverables such as pointclouds and 3D models. These digital assets help our clients monitor site progress while under construction or have a detailed overview of as-built conditions when project is finished. We utilise 3D scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver these results more efficiently and bring field data to office faster. 

We strive to empower our clients to plan and execute projects with higher percision and more efficiently.


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