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Topographic surveying

Best possible starting point for your design and construction works.

Our experts can help you with your project planning documentation.

We gather percise information on exsiting conditions to ensure best possible starting point for all your design and construction works.

We deliver digital topographic base plan that conatins the existing contours of the field, information on landscape and vegetation, all civil engineering objects above gound and utility networks underground. 

For BIM workflows we can provide pointcloud data or a 3D model of the site to complement traditional base plans. Easy to accsess 3D survey data can help our clients make better decisions

With most construction processes and renovations it is important to understand exactly where the new works might clash with existing utility networks or structures to avoid unnecessary disruption. Having a good base is crucial to plan and execute efficiently. 

Data we provide can be loaded onto any mobile computing device and be available on site in the 2D or 3D environment. All elements of the site can be staked out with a "live" understanding of any potential clashes or pinch points with exsiting structures and utilities. 

We are constantly evolving our technological know-how to make our work on and off site as accurate and as efficient as possible. 

We strive to provide our clients with better base plans so that you can focus on making your projects as efficient as possible, reducing lead times and costs. 


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